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Buy top crafts directly from the artisans, directly from Peru
Welcome to Directly From Peru!

Our group began with two aims: to support artisans by opening up new international markets, and to promote the rich and vivid culture of the Peruvian highlands to the world. Directly From Peru is an all-artisan co-op, run from within the Peruvian Andes, built with those two goals in mind.


Support Artisans


We are more than fair trade. We are direct trade: everything is done working directly with the artisans -- gourd-carvers, silversmiths and weavers and others. Meaning, you buy the products from the person who made them and pay the direct, Peruvian prices. Profits go to the artisans and strengthening the group, and decisions are made collaboratively.


Promote Culture


Each craft on this site is an expression of techniques and images that have been passed down for hundreds of years. More than just selling, we aim to open this cultural richness to the world. Read about the artisans, see pictures of their homes, learn about the region. At its core, this group is about entering into a dialogue between two different parts of the world.



Ave. Giraldez # 675, Huancayo - Peru | Telephone : 51-64-223303| Fax/Ans/Tel: 51-64-222395

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Pillowcase "Angles"
Dije de Elefante
Dije de Elefante
Argolla Gusanito
Argolla Gusanito